Let’s Talk Marketing

The TagTeam in Action!

You’ve probably heard of a “tag team” wrestling match. When one of the combatants needs help, he can tag a teammate, who then enters the fray.That’s really how we work, too. (Although we pass on the outrageous costumes). We don’t have a huge full-time staff. But we do have a full complement of writers, designers, web programmers, editors, and other creative and strategic types waiting on the sidelines, ready to get into the game. Many of these partners are industry veterans with decades of experience.

Working this way gives us the advantage of tailoring a team specifically to a project’s – or a client’s – needs. This lean staffing model also means we don’t have a lot of overhead expenses. So you’re not going to be paying excessively for our cost of doing business.

Meet the Team

Mark Zurzola

The founder of TagTeam, Mark is our Account Services, New Business Development and day-to-day operations chief. Mark spent 10 years in various production positions for WTIC-TV, WFSB-TV and ESPN from 1988 to 1998, before embarking on his sales and marketing career. In 2003, he became Sales Manager for WSHM-TV, then served as Local Sales Manager for WFSB-TV until he started TagTeam in 2006.

Larry Piretti

Vice President/Media Director, Larry is involved with all media strategy, planning and buying. Larry is a 30+ year veteran of the advertising business. His specialties are media and marketing, and he’s been the Media Director of KGA Advertising, the Director of Marketing at Bob’s Stores, and Marketing Director at Bernie’s TVs & Appliances.

Kevin Kennedy

Editor/Production Manager, Kevin handles all production-related work flow of all video and audio projects. He also manages all post production software & hardware and exports of final production to all media outlets. Kevin has been a commercial producer for broadcast and cable outlets since 1997.